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Application and fees

Application form

The legal aid application form can be found under Forms.
The application must be signed by you, as the person applying for legal aid, as well as your lawyer or legal practitioner. Forms are also available at the courts and at lawyers'/legal practitioners' offices.

Contents of the application

You apply for legal aid together with your lawyer or legal practitioner during the consultation. The actual application can only be made by you as the person applying for legal aid. If you are under 18, the application can be made by your parents or a representative. Your legal representative can help you and answer any questions you may have.

Solemn declaration

You make a solemn declaration regarding the correctness of the information, which means that you can be prosecuted if you provide incorrect information. If you provide incorrect information, you could also be liable for repayment of money or assistance you have received.  

Legal aid fee

When you have been notified that you will receive legal aid, you must pay part of the costs. Legal aid is never entirely free for people over the age of 18 and the amount you pay is known as the legal aid fee.

If your financial circumstances change significantly during the course of the case or matter in question, your fee could change. It is therefore important that you notify any change in your finances as soon as possible. The legal aid fee cannot be changed after the legal aid matter has been concluded.

The size of your legal aid fee is based on your financial base and the total costs for your legal representative. The legal aid fee is a percentage of the total cost for your legal representative.

Financial base

Several factors affect your financial base although in simple terms it comes down to your assets/wealth minus debts and support obligations.  

  1. Add up your income: salary, pension, social welfare benefit, housing benefit etc. If your income is irregular, use the income you have received during the six months prior to requesting legal aid and your expected income during the next six months as a basis.
  2. If you have assets/wealth in addition to your income, this could affect whether or not you are granted legal aid. It is the taxable value of the assets that is used as a basis.
  3. You are allowed to make a deduction of SEK 15,000 per year for each child under the age of 18 for whom you have an obligation to support although this is subject to a maximum of SEK 75,000 per year.

Your financial base must not be more than SEK 260,000 per year for you to be granted legal aid. It you would like more detailed information about the rules governing calculation of your disposable gross income, see the brochure Rättshjälp och taxor (Legal Aid and Rates).

Size of the legal aid fee

If the calculation base is...

…you must pay the following percentage of your costs for your legal representative as a legal aid fee

The minimum you will be required to pay is

SEK 0 - 50 000



SEK 50 000 - 100 000


SEK 500

SEK 100 000 - 120 000


SEK 1 000

SEK 120 000 - 150 000


SEK 1 500

SEK 150 000 - 200 000


SEK 2 000

SEK 200 000 - 260 000


SEK 5 000

Your legal aid fee can never be higher than the cost of the legal aid.

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